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Thursday, 27 January 2011

The Prime Minister's Song

I am the very model of a modern prime minister,
I’ve information political, fiscal, and sinister,
I know my spin advisers, and I spout their lies habitual,
From Brussells to Washington, in order not very factual;
I'm very acquainted, too, with matters sort of financial,
I understand posh boy Tory boom and Labour bust-ical,
About duck houses and porn films I can endlessly enthuse,
With many cheerful facts about expense fiddles in the news.
I’m au fait with Liberals, Cable and Clegg and whatsiname;
I know the Strictly judges and slumming celebs seeking fame,
In short, in matters newsy, popular, and on Twitter,
I am the very model of a modern Prime Minister.


  1. Excellent. This is one of my favourite pieces from G & S.

  2. I love G&S and found myself singing the above. Very good.

  3. I was singing the song in my head as I read.

  4. Wonderful, bill ! I sang it to myself too ... and all the words fitted perfectly !