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Tuesday, 25 January 2011

No Country for Old Haggis

A tribute to Robert Burns in the style of Cormac McCarthy

Y'all should of had some haggis
stead of cheeseburger and fries
then shot the waitress through the head
an left her to the flies.
This here's no place for haggis
lessen you pepper it right well
with liberally fired buckshot
then send it straight to Hell.
For what's the use of haggis
when a man's no shoes to wear?
let him toil or let him die
an who'll be left to care?


  1. You put the 'Mac' into McCarthy! (I'm referring to the Scottish name prefix, not the burger!)

  2. Ha that is almost too close to be called a parody. Great stuff balancing two styles and subverting them. Really liked the poem in its own right too.

  3. Brilliant! And I hope your Burns Night went well.

  4. Brilliant - you're good at this. Great fun.