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Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Samuel Pepys' Blog

26th January 1666-ish
Up and to the office, at least, that’s as I had planned but the carriage arrived so late and so full I was unable to make my customary journey.  I texted my Chief Clerk and informed him of my difficulty, and to say I would not attend the office in person that day but would work remotely, and then at noon to a tavern to meet the Captain and to discuss his affairs concerning the East India Company, and dined.  Having a great deal of business to transact on his behalf I was pleased to take advantage of their internet connection, this tavern by good fortune being one of the many in the City so equipped, and we fell to discourse about the convenience of having such facilities at our disposal.  He is a most genial acquaintance and asked after my family, whose likenesses I was pleased to show him on my android device and he showed me his.  After the Captain’s departure, it being late in the afternoon, I remained in the tavern and made an end of the accounts to my great content, by remote file access, and to answer my email correspondence.  This last I completed with great efficiency, thanks to a new service provider, DigiPigeon, which offers a most impressive and speedy facility and for which I have provided the link to their Homing Page, for your convenience.  Late home and my eyes sore, to write up the blog, to supper and to bed.


  1. Very good, Fiona!
    (Incidentally, I've removed 'texting' and your name from the labels so they don't appear in the lampoon list)

  2. Very Good, Fi. I really enjoyed this one

  3. I thought I had commented but it's gone! I really loved this - power to the Pepys!

  4. Fiona this is your best that I've read yet. Brilliant. I had read past texting before my brain said 'hang on a minute'. The language works so well. I'd love to see much more of this blog, including his account of the Great fire itself.

  5. Just found this. I'll see what I can do.