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Sunday, 23 January 2011

The Rub of Love (in the style of Dylan Thomas)

O to feel the rub of love, fingers that caress my limbs

and make my member wonder if it is real.

Does it rain on the moon? Do sandcastles fall into ruin?

Will my love put on the kettle or leave me in this dingy room?

My eyes see only turmoil that rages like an angry sea

I drink too much, I think too much. I write this stuff then weep.

My tears splosh in my beer, a salty tang I do not hanker.

My privations leave me like a shilling whore

bereft of love, craving ever more.

I will feel the rub of love, thrice this night

For a two bob bit is in my grasp, clutched greedily like a spoilt bairn.

I will spend on love not willingly given

But what the hell, fornication comes not cheap

If like me fornication comes at all.

Dillan Duffy


  1. What's that rustling sound I hear? Yes, it's Dylan Thomas turning in his grave! ;D

  2. Naughty, naughty, but I like it!. well done MArc

  3. I wonder what you could do with the whole of Under Milkwood! I will never look at Dylan Thomas in quite the same light.