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Saturday, 22 January 2011

Sonnet to Maturity (in the style of The Bard)

Shall I compare thee to a withered fruit?
Thou art more wrinkled and yet more beloved
Rough hands do feel like leather of a boot,
And rasp as winter makes them to be gloved;
Sometimes too quick thou triest to rise from chair,
And all thy joints are heard to creak and groan,
A helping hand is needed then, to bear
Thy weight, to let thee rise and stand alone;
But still thy eternal humour shall not die,
Nor leave me cold when jokes thou needst to make,
Nor ever cause my heart and soul to cry,
When thou in company dost ‘The Mickey’ take;
So long as we still smile and laugh as one,
So long we love, and love till life has gone.


  1. Very good! :) Flows very well.

  2. I loved that, Lexia, it's actually quite beautiful as well as funny.

  3. I love this, especially the mickey bit!

  4. Me too,
    'When thou in company dost ‘The Mickey’ take;'
    what a great line! LOL'd

  5. That is brilliant - totally love it. You should enter it into a sonnet comp - or should have done if you hadn't published it here!